Useful Information:How to Find Out Lost Android Device’s IMEI Number

By | July 6, 2013
How to get back lost Phone's IMEI number

How to get back lost Phone’s IMEI number

In our every day life smartphone have become integral part of our lives and Increasing of smartphone price also.IMEI Number is a unique one,no other smartphone can have same as of yours.International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI),it is used to identify GSM,UMTS and LTE Mobile phones.Using this IMEI number you can block your Stolen/lost phone by service provider.Another feature of IMEI is,could be find out the location and region of particular phone.We can check our IMEI number at various place

  1. It will be appear on the under the mobile phone’s battery
  2. There will be Printed IMEI Number on Box of mobile phone
  3. you can see the IMEI number on the Phone’s display using this code *#06#
  4. If you have purchased bill of your phone,then there will be

How to Recover IMEI Number

In android phone,we are sign in to Google play store using of google account which Email account could be stores your device information as well as device’s IMEI number also.So that we can be able to get our  google attached IMEI numbers.The google dashboard stores our phone’s information and it can be retrieve any time in our google dashboard

First go to Google Dashboard ,then drag down to Android Option after that click on the android then there will be appears attached mobile phones information .

How to Recover IMEI Number using google Dashboard

How to Recover IMEI Number using google Dashboard

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