[Tutorial]:How to Remove Yellow Triangle on Samsung Devices

By | May 11, 2013

Samsung has set up a counter for counting the How many times your device is flashed through the Odin and which stock or custom you have running on your device.by default counter value is zero it will increasing at the time of flash or installing custom ROM.If your flash binary value changed zero to any other value,you will be appearing yellow triangle on galaxy devices .Here we are providing a tutorial for How to Remove Yellow Triangle on Samsung Devices.there are many ways to remove this yellow triangle here we gonna introduce easy method to remove yellow triangle by set up flash counter to zero.There is a application called triangle away that would be help to rid the yellow triangle on Samsung galaxy device.

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Tutorial for How to Remove Yellow Triangle on Samsung Devices

1.Download the application from XDA Developers -Download 

yellow triangle

2.Install Triangle away to the galaxy device

3.Allow to root Access for this application

4.Hit on “Reset Flash Counter”

5.Do the instructions appears on your device


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