Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Come with Flexible and Curved Display According to New Patent

By | May 11, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Come with Flexible and Curved Display

After success releasing of Samsung Galaxy S4,Samsung going to be announce Samsung Galaxy note 3.Recently there are many rumors spreading out all over the web.I think this is one of those,but patent is providing brief idea about the Next Gen Samsung Galaxy Device that might be Flexible and Curved Display.Samsung has got approval for New patent that could be Featured in Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

This picture brief you the next Samsung Galaxy Note 3,Power button is placed on the Top of the device and along with Audio Jack and same as volume button placed at the right side of the Device.This information revealed out by Patent Bolt.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Features and Specs

samsung galaxy note 3

Recently we have got the some rumours about the Samsung Galaxy note 3 we are going to share with our readers this information incompletely rumours made by some others.Here we posting Samsung Galaxy note 3 Features below


Previous model Samsung galaxy note 2 has got 5.3 inch display this time samsung going to introduce OLED display with Flexible and Curved to the world via Samsung Galaxy note 3 it has 6.3 inch Display with Gorilla Glass 2 and 1080 p Resolution this information published by Korien times.


Exynos 5 Octa 8-core processor will be make powerful and smarter than Samsung galaxy note 2,Samsung claimed that it consume low battery power than previous processor about it save 70% battery charge reportedly clocked 1.8 GHz.


Internal Memory will be 16/32/64 GB sd card slot will be there and it will have 2 GB of RAM


  • 13 MP Rear End
  • 2 MP front camera

The Samsung Galaxy note 3 releasing date is coming closer which means peoples can expect the date soon and keep touch with us.

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